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Visions for Life provides spiritual direction, transformational travel, and self-awakening products for all who are interested in overcoming obstacles and living a life of connection and joy. Our team is here to guide you along the path to spiritual awakening and experiencing the true soul. We do this in a variety of different ways — and we offer support throughout this journey. Think of us as your spiritual journey facilitator. Whether you are searching for a Shaman, Pranic Healer, Reverend, Counselor, or Therapist, you’ll find what you need right here with us in  Phoenix, AZ.

Please contact us for a free 20-minute consult to see if we are a good match for your needs.

Transformational Travel Experiences

How would you like to have a day of renewal from the everyday hustle and bustle in a beautiful and serene location? In Sedona, attend the Spiritual Renewal Day Retreat on August, 14.

This trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina will take you to the mysterious pyramids where you will step back in time. You will also visit Medjugorje where the Blessed Mother has been appearing since 1984.

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From energy-enhancing sculptures to gorgeous sacred jewelry pieces, we have a variety of products for you to browse on our site. Please visit our Products page to learn more about our exploratory podcasts that will walk with you on your journey, illuminating the way. We also provide videos, books, and more to help you work through blockages and attain a positive direction. Please contact us if you have any questions about the items we sell. We’re always happy to talk with you about our carefully curated list.