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•  What patterns are holding you back from progress and personal growth?

•  What can you do to cultivate harmonious relationships in your life?

•  How can you align your endeavors with abundance and elevate your consciousness, rather than constantly chasing after more?

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The Passion Plan

“Discover a Step-By-Step Proven Process for Getting Crystal Clear on What Matters Most to You Developing a Vision and Creating a Plan of Action for Living YOUR Ideal Life”


Healing Solutions for You

Life-Changing Transformational Travel

You will experience a wide range of Transformational Journeys to sacred places.

Life Destiny Consultant

We offer Counseling services, Palm Reading, Heart Meditation, Reverend services, Transformational Journeys to sacred places, as well as Life Destiny One-on-One Consulting.

Counseling & Healing

An integrated approach can support you with your coping skills, stressful issues, and spirituality while gaining control of your life path.

Our Services


From energy-enhancing sculptures to gorgeous sacred jewelry pieces, we have a variety of products for you to browse on our site. Please visit our Products page to learn more about our exploratory podcasts that will walk with you on your journey, illuminating the way. We also provide videos, books, and more to help you work through blockages and attain a positive direction. Please contact us if you have any questions about the items we sell. We’re always happy to talk with you about our carefully curated list.

Client Transformation Stories

I checked into a rehab facility for meth addiction in Scottsdale AZ. There I was assigned Vesna Matic as my counselor. I was very intrigued by her calmness and patience during group sessions. Her classes were different from all the others which revolved around spirituality and universal connections. This excited me since I was already very aware of the changing patterns of the stars but didn’t know how exactly they were affecting me personally. My favorite topic was when Vesna spoke about the new moon and how it might make one feel. I immediately was made aware of my own feelings through meditation in groups and one on one with Vesna. Vesna has helped me reach childhood traumas that I had repressed for most of my life. Made me realize that I have never actually grieved these events. I continue to see Vesna weekly through WhatsApp since I am working in Hawaii. I am grateful to God to have met Vesna and know the universe has placed her in my life. I continue to grieve with the assurance that Vesna is just a phone call away. She has definitely helped soften the healing process and has become one of my most important friends in my life. Thank You Vesna!
roman calderon
I want to begin this conversation by thanking you for giving me the gift of seeing things simply for what they were. Prior to our session I was feeling completely overwhelmed about the transition of returning to life with a career. You helped me to realize that my self-doubt could sabotage my reality and that I had to create the future I wanted with positive affirmations not negative thoughts. Even better you allowed me to see all the wonderful possibilities I could bring to my children which I hadn’t even considered. I am truly grateful for the illumination you brought to this situation and allowing me to meet the change with confidence and a new perspective. I am now happily searching for a job and know that when the time comes I will embrace the change. Thank you for guiding me to remove the fear from returning to work and inspiring me to see the value within myself. All my love.
Modesta Whipple
Over 9 months ago I was in a dark place in my life struggling in the grips of a vicious addiction to alcohol and drugs. I was losing my self respect, my career and my family ALL at one time! Fortunately, a friend of mine referred me to Vesna Matic at Visions for Life. I took action (picked up the phone) and called Vesna that same day! Best Decision I’ve ever made. Immediately, Vesna gave me hope where I had no hope at all! We scheduled our first session and NO AMOUNT OF MONEY could have been sufficient enough to pay for the nuggets of wisdom and direction she gave me in our first visit and many more to come! Vesna has the unique ability to dial me in diving into things like adolescence and childhood experiences and how they affect me today! We talk about practical and spiritual solutions! She always provides me with a step by step roadmap to overcome challenges life presents. Vesna is a great listener and I am always blown away with her years of wisdom and experience that she shares. Vesna is grounded and Her spirituality is unmatched to anyone I’ve ever know. You can actually “feel it” when you walk in the room! As a result of the work Vesna and I continue to do, I am completely Sober and living a clean ~ fulfilling life. I am back with my family. I am secure with gainful employment and I feel great about myself and my future in sobriety! It’s a new way of life. I’m so grateful for Vesna. I hope you too can find the same peace I have found by reaching out.
Brad Grimm

The Visions for Life Logo uses the bird image as a totem. The head is a dove in serenity bowed over the globe that represents the world in a pale terra cotta color. Within it is an eye for vision, within the vision is the heart for radiating love energy. The left wing contains a lightning bolt denoting powerful energy while being lifted by the winds of planet earth toward the heavens. The right wing is more a traditional Native American design that holds the mountains. Below it is the flowing waters of the world. When all these elements of earth come together, we are aligned to the healing energies that are present and available to us from the home that sustains our bodies. When we find healing in body, mind and spirit, we find the sacred within. We are empowered to walk our earth journey in joy, peace and love.