Must Haves For Your Soul’s Toolbox

There are so many healing modalities available to us. Last week I barely touched on one, which was crystals, and some of the ways they can be used to aide us. Other modalities include:

– Essential oils,
– Pranic Healing
– Meditation
– Music
– And prayer.

Sometimes just screaming at the top of your lungs is what the situation calls for (you have to admit you’ve done that at some point. l know I have).

I recommend having several of these techniques in your “tool box” as each situation may require a slightly different method. It can also depend on such things as what particular mood you’re in, how much time is at hand or even where you’re at (location) since you may not want other people staring at you (haha).

Healing your pain in Under 30 minutes!

One modality which is dear to me is Pranic Healing as it utilizes prana (ki or life energy) to heal the whole physical body. People will often feel relief and astonishing results from ailments such as arthritis, back pain and headaches in just one session of Pranic Healing!

Another reason I like Pranic Healing so much is that it can be done in person or long distance. This way the healing is always accessible and you reap the benefits no matter where you are.

Do you feel inclined to receive a healing around a particular area in your body? If so, I would like to offer a free 30 minute Pranic Healing session.

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Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel