Would You Like to Go on a Spiritual Journey With Me?


As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, these past few months have been filled with several wonderful, and a few not so wonderful, experiences. I feel very fortunate that the opportunity to travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan is on the top of this list (in case you don’t know where Bhutan is you will find a map below).

Bhutan is not a country but rather a kingdom. It has the unique privilege of being recognized as the only nation which has never been colonized in all its history and has a parliamentary democracy ruled by a king. It also has a theocratic form of government which means that a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler. This is evident as compassion and happiness are at the core of Bhutanese government.

The overwhelming majority of its citizens are Buddhist. The people are so very kind, friendly and humble. They take the time to actually look you in the eyes and talk (imagine that). One thing I noticed that was especially interesting is that the police don’t carry guns, tasers, or even batons!

My journey in Bhutan consisted of going to the numerous temples and monasteries that are scattered throughout the land. I was even fortunate enough to visit a “nun university”. Needless to say I also did a lot of meditating while in Bhutan. I’m also proud to say that I climbed the Himalayas!

The kingdom captivated my heart from the moment I arrived. In many ways I felt at home and never wanted to leave.

My plan is to actually take a small group with me on a spiritual journey to Bhutan. Would you like to join me? If so, please email me as I would love to talk with you.

Here are some photos of Bhutan. Enjoy.

Vesna Matic
Spiritual Direction, Transformational Travel