Our Journey Itinerary

Peru Journey: A Healing Focused Retreat

Peru Journey: December 4th to 10th, 2022

“Offering Medical Services for low cost such as Doctor Visits, Exams and Tests”

7-days, 6-nights journey through mystical Peru. It will start from LIMA and will end at Cusco.




Day 1


– Arrive in Cusco no earlier than 11 am, to the sacred city of Cusco, center of the Incan Empire.

– You will be picked up and transferred to Pisaq, in the Sacred Valley where the Catalina Center is located.

– Rest of the day is free to rest and recover from jetlag.

Day 2

**Machu Picchu** Aguas Calientes

We will travel by train this morning to the village of Aguas Calientes. On arrival we will, visit the famous city of Machu Picchu, also named as the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Condor and the Hummingbird, the City of Peace, and the City of Light. The legendary beauty of this magnificent village defines an ancient city of ascended masters. Feel the energies while exploring of the three sacred beings on the Inca trinity: CONDOR, ruler of the realm of spirit. PUMA, ruler of the realm of physical manifestation and AMARU the sacred serpent, ruler of the realm of the psyche, death & rebirth. There are many trails and power sites to explore, and we will have the opportunity to open to a deeper experience of the intrinsic magic of this amazing city. You will get time to spend alone in spiritual ceremony to enhance your connection with your divine self, a transpersonal transformational journey into the inner path to gain confidence in your unique purpose.

Then we will take a bus up to the entry of Machu Picchu and see explore the Inca Ruins.

Day 3

Catalina Center

Plant Medicine Day or Training day.

For those that are interested in plant medicine, you will meet with one of the foremost authorities and shamans of the plant medicine San Pedro or “Wachuma”. You will be walked through of internal celebration self-discovery and love.

The plant shows us where we hold our negativity in our bodies, where it came from, and then shows us what we SHOULD have learned from that experience. Once we see that, we release the negativity in our bodies, and we feel really clean and light afterwards, and we can think of that same experience afterwards, and we can give thanks for the teachings we received. It teaches us that NO experience is a bad experience, IF we learn from it.

In the same way, it shows us our thought patterns, and teaches us that every illness we have, is NOT because of bad luck, but because of the way we think. It teaches us to stop and recognize HOW we think, and change our thoughts, into positive ones. This is how we clean our bodies from all illness…is by cleaning our minds. The medicine has produced many miracles, people being cured of cancer, and all sorts of illnesses, just by them drinking this sacred plant.

The plant shows us too, that we are all children of the Light; we are all precious and special. It teaches us to see the divine within us, and to hold the divine light within us.

We also use this plant to reconnect to the earth. In this experience, we realize that there is NO separation between you, me, the earth, and the sky. We are all ONE. It’s one thing to read but to experience this oneness is one of the most beautiful gifts we can receive. The plant also teaches us to live in this world in balance and harmony, it teaches us compassion and understanding, and shows us clearly to love, respect and honor all things.

Day 4


We will spend the day climbing the which are Peru’s most intact ancient sites, and a perfect example of ingenious Inca architecture. They are built on top of a mountain that towers over the small town of Pisac; the views of the countryside are spectacular, and the ruins and their makers are remarkable.

We will be led by a very informed guide to share with us the culture if the Incas. At some point on our journey we will have time for meditation and ceremony to connect to this incredible site. We will then make our way back town into the beautiful town of Pisac for a late lunch and deep conversations about our learnings!

Day 5

Indigenous Community Day

Indigenous One of the incredible things about Pisac that is a hidden gem, is the 12 indigenous communities that live the in the mountains above Pisac. Over the last few months, we here at Catalina have forged relationships with 7 of these communities. These are Chahuaytire, Pampallacta, Paru Paru, Amaru, Viacha Ampay and Qotataqui.

On this day and evening we will spend time in one or two of these communities, learning about their culture. How they live, celebrate, and eat. We will learn about their agriculture, the staple of these communities the over 1700 different kinds of potatoes. They will also demonstrate how they take the wool of the Alpaca and how they create the permanent colors, like from the famous cochinilla bug that lives on the cactus of the Andes and the process of making the beautiful textiles by hand they are famous for. We will dance with them and come away with a very deep sense of the how these indigenous people, who are the descendants of the Incas have shaped the sacred valley and Pisac.

Day 6

Training Day/Open Day

We will spend the morning connecting to each other’s stories and lessons learned. The rest of the day will be free for you to finish any shopping in Pisac for souvenirs you still need to purchase or just take in a local coffee café and relax before your long trip back home the next day.

Day 7


Spend the day exploring Cusco on your own. Fly today to Lima where you will connect with international flight home.

What’s included in this event?

– Transfers to and from Cusco Airport – The Cusco Airport code is CUZ, participants must arrive in Cusco around 11 am and 1 pm. If they arrive early, they can take a taxi for about 18.00 or 60 soles to Pisac or directly to the center. Travelers will be picked up all at one time and brought back to the airport on Saturday.​

– Andean breakfast every day which consists of local bread, cheese, ham, eggs, fresh juices, coffee and tea.

– Travel to Machu Picchu – Van, Bus, Entry tickets and Train tickets.

– All travel to and from Sacred Valley Sites, when part of the schedule.​

– Accommodations – based on double occupancy.

– All other rooms have two double beds. Accept 2 three bed suites which have three twins.

– All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower and hot water.


What’s not included?

– Flights to and from your city or country of origin.​

– Lunch and Dinner on request.

– Plant Medicine – there is a $130.00 USD per person fee to participate in this ceremony.

– Tour guides at sites like Machu Picchu.

– Alcohol.

– Two-day 21.00 USD Tourist ticket to Visit – Pisac village, Pisac Ruins, Chinchero, Ollantaytambo and Maras and Moray.

– Any sites and programs not listed in this program.




– Medical Services for low cost such as Doctor Visits, Exams and Tests.
– Beautifully situated on a large gated property nestled up against the scared Mount Linly.
– Yoga Center.
– A look out, posited above Catalina on Mt Linly for morning and evening mediations, breakfast, lunch and dinners.
– A small nook positioned on the sacred river Vlicanota for mediation and contemplation.
– Dedicated Wi-Fi on the entire property.
– Beautiful flower garden for mediation.
– Massage center.
– Restaurant.
– Conference center.
– .62 miles from the sacred village of Pisac and Pisac ruins.
– 45 min taxi ride from Cusco.
– Outside oven and sitting area for outside meeting or dining.
– Fireplace in the reception center.
– Outside Firepit.
– Swimming pool.
– Chapel.
– 1-acre Garden for fresh vegetables.
– Coming soon in 2022 – Sauna and Gym.

As soon as you make your reservations, here at Catalina, please make your airline reservations to insure you obtain the best possible airfare to (CUZ) Cusco. Most likely, You will be arriving to Cusco via Lima. All travel must go through Lima International airport.

See you soon! Book your spot below.


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Please make your deposit of $500 for reservation (non-refundable)


Pay $3997 in full for Peru Journey


Please make your deposit of $500 for reservation and rest in 2 Installments ($1850 each by October 30th, 2022)


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