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Visions for Life is a Life Destiny Consultant that helps clients with Spiritual Counseling services and more. Our office is located in Phoenix, AZ, and is headed by Vesna Matic, a certified Pranic Healer who marries Eastern and Western philosophies together in her practice. Vesna has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a certificate in Integral Health. She has over two decades of counseling experience, and has concentrated on helping people deal with energy-blocking issues while they work toward reconnecting with their soul and true purpose. We offer Counseling services, Palm Reading, Heart Meditation, Reverend services, Transformational Journeys to sacred places, as well as Life Destiny One-on-One Consulting.

Spiritual Direction, Reverend Services, and Transformational Travel

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is the part of our humanity that connects us to the sacred. Our stories are our filter, or the way we interpret our experience of the sacred. Learning the language of the divine and sharing in a safe environment fosters a greater intimacy and hones our ability to interpret meaning from these experiences. Spiritual direction empowers us to create alchemy from the challenges we face in life, and helps us navigate our management of power in relationships and within ourselves.

We are pleased to offer one-on-one life destiny consulting services. If you are stuck in one area of your life, the challenge will also influence all other areas of your life. Despite the extensive books and information available today about how to get unstuck, few of us know an effective way to truly disrupt a self-defeating pattern. Through years of counseling severe trauma patients in youth and adult, I’ve created a proprietary process that quickly and effectively transforms repetitive behavioral stress patterns.
I discuss this process in my podcast series.

Choosing a Spiritual Director is a very personal decision and I am honored to be entrusted with this privilege for my clients. Even if you’ve been in this cycle for years, my clients have experienced success within a few sessions. To discuss how this process can help you with self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that create stress, and to start enjoying the freedom and joy that is your birthright, contact us for a no-obligation initial consult. It only takes 20 minutes.

Reverend Services

I’m an ordained Minister by the University of Sedona. I offer nondenominational wedding and celebration services. As a Spiritual Director and Reverend, I don’t just officiate. I serve as a guide and advocate, contributing to a stress-free and beautiful ceremony as custom and unique as you are. I am available for weddings, perform rites of passage ceremonies, and visit hospitals and hospices for the solemn and sacred rituals of your choice.

I’ve been told I over-deliver, keep commitments, and am one of the easiest people to work with. I truly treat your event with the reverence and joy it deserves. I serve the Southwest territory of the United States. My calendar does fill up quickly, though I do offer a few priority openings for an immediate need.

Group travel to sacred locations

We offer transformational journeys to sacred places as part of our services, because we believe that connection with the soul is made easier this way. We have seen that magical or mysterious changes can occur for those who visit certain places with clear intent. These journeys are designed to bring about change and help align your life with the true way, as well as bring joy and a sense of fulfillment and peace. Learn more about them on our Transformation Journeys page.

Hand Analysis and Palm Reading

Learn more about your journey with our Hand Analysis and Palm Reading service. Discover details about your fortune and your future, as well as delve more deeply into your personality. We are experienced in the art of palmistry. There is much that can be discerned by getting a thorough Hand Analysis by a knowledgeable reader.

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Life Purpose
Personal Assessment

We specialize in spiritual work that has the Munay-Ki Rites as a foundation for growth.
Munay-Ki simply put means “I Love You” or “Be as Thou Art.” In actuality, it is a catalyst for the evolution of our species occurring now on the planet. The Munay-Ki Rites are the nine codes for the new human, Homo luminous. We access the download to our DNA through what is known as the chakra system in our body. Only recently, the last 2 of the 9 codes have been revealed.

We grow a new body every 8 months. This phenomenon has been discussed by luminaries such as Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Typically, we grow an exact replica informed by our genes and our karma, or we can influence growing a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently. Few are familiar with this sacred and powerful initiation ritual. I discovered this astonishing knowledge from my Spiritual Mentor and friend, and traveled to Peru to partake in the extensive initiation rites training.

We are living in a time when we can accelerate and accumulate energetic power and foster our spiritual evolution. I guide my students through these sacred practices. Learn more by calling today.